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    The Promise of Care
    For Over 30 Years
    As the first licensed insurance company in Canada to focus solely on pet health insurance,
    Petline Insurance Company is dedicated to responsible pet ownership.

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our products

Petline Insurance Company has a number of product lines. Our core brand is Petsecure Pet Health Insurance. We also underwrite Sonnet Pet Insurance, Petshield Insurance, OVMA Pet Health Insurance, Desjardins Pet Insurance Program, The Personal Pet Insurance Program, CAA Pet Insurance, Pet Insurance for Hudson's Bay customers, Toronto Humane Society Pet Health Insurance, and Nova Scotia SPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Each brand offers distinct coverage options with unique benefits at varying price points. One is sure to meet any pet owner's needs.

Petsecure Pet Insurance Logo

Established in 1989, Petsecure pet insurance is the flagship brand for Petline Insurance Company. Petsecure offers comprehensive coverage, including preventative care and dental.



Nova Scotia SPCA Pet Health Insurance

Launched in 2018, Peppermint is our newest, cost-effective pet insurance solution. Veterinary care isn't optional — especially when you're dealing with an illness or accident. The best way to expect the unexpected is with pet insurance. Peppermint can help with a range of refreshingly simple options that will meet your needs and fit your budget.



OVMA Pet Health Insurance

The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) is Ontario's largest veterinary association. OVMA Pet Health Insurance is the only insurance designed and backed by Ontario veterinarians. It's designed to be easy and accessible for pet owners, with no-surprise, flexible coverage, quick claims processing, and more.



Desjardins Pet Insurance Program Logo

The Desjardins Pet Insurance Program was launched in January 2013, and is available to all Canadians. With The Desjardins Pet Insurance Program, you can rely on coverage to keep your pet healthy and provide them with the care they need.



The Personal Pet Insurance Program Logo

The Personal Pet Insurance Program launched July 20, 2012, offering pet insurance to members and employees of participating professions including the Canadian military community, engineers, firefighters, health care professionals and many others.



CAA Pet Insurance Logo

Pets can be covered with CAA Pet Insurance against illness and accidents. The key objective of pet health insurance from CAA is to help pets live longer and healthier lives by enabling their owners to provide the best in healthcare.



Pet Insurance for Hudson's Bay Customers Logo

Pet Insurance for Hudson's Bay customers offers peace of mind and benefits that help ensure your pets are living happier, healthier and fuller lives. It covers veterinary services including; x-rays, hospitalization, dental care, surgery, and any prescriptions.

Toronto Humane Society Pet Health Insurance

With Toronto Humane Society Pet Health Insurance, you won't have to put financial concerns ahead of your pet's health and happiness. It gives you the confidence of knowing that you'll be able to give your pet the best veterinary care when it's needed most.



Nova Scotia SPCA Pet Health Insurance

With Nova Scotia SPCA Pet Health Insurance, you can focus on your pet. Accidents and illnesses can happen unexpectedly. With pet insurance, you never have to choose between your pet's health and your finances.

Pet Sheild

Veterinary care is necessary, but expensive. Pet Shield provides peace of mind that your dog or cat can receive the medical care they deserve, without having to worry about costly vet bills. Their plans also include special coverage and additional member benefits.




Our cats and dogs are members of the family. They're loyal, loving – and unpredictable. Unexpected accidents or illnesses can happen at any time. Sonnet Pet Insurance helps cover these unplanned vet visits so you can focus on spending quality time with your furry friend rather than the burden of medical expenses.

claim forms

We've put all of your claim forms in one convenient location, so you can access these forms quickly and easily. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms.

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our team

Petline Insurance Company has a strong team dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, facilitating quality health care, and advancing board certified practices through pet health insurance.

Years Of Service


Pets Protected


Customer Centre

We have an experienced team of licensed Insurance Advisors and pet owners in our Customer Care Centre. State-of-the-art call support technology and software allows us to stream and manage customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.

Calls are recorded for customer satisfaction and quality control purposes, and to assist with ongoing training. Petline Insurance Company has bilingual representatives to meet our customer needs in both official languages.

Claims and Underwriting

The Claims and Underwriting Department is staffed with Animal Health Technicians with at least 3 years of veterinary practice experience. This team assures daily processing of our clients' claims for timely reimbursement.

Call Centre Agent
Cat Owner

Territory Managers

We have an experienced National Sales Team made up of individuals with previous experience working in veterinary practices.

Our Territory Managers across Canada are responsibile for working with the veterinary profession and educating pet owners on the benefits of pet health insurance.

Support Staff

We have a number of support staff assisting in supporting our customers' policies and business initiatives including an in-house marketing and e-business department.

We have strong information technology resources to help bring efficiencies to our processes.


management team

We are led by a skilled management team who combine their professional knowledge of insurance, veterinary medicine, customer service and marketing, with their personal understanding and experiences of pet ownership.

  • Raegan Ahlbaum
    Raegan Ahlbaum
    AVP Petline Operations

    As the Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Petline Operations, Raegan oversees the strategic management across the company.

    With over 10 years of experience at Petline, Raegan began her career as Manager Learning and Development, later acquiring two additional departments, Quality Assurance and Workforce Management. She then served as Manager of Customer Care for four years, and more recently the Director, Call Centre, where she was responsible for sales and service leadership, training and development, recruiting, and managing operational budgets. She has played a critical role in enhancing and strengthening Petline's culture around our values-based principles.

    As a leader and innovator, Raegan's ability to build high-performance teams has served as a growth catalyst and infused productive energy into the workplace.

  • David Fitzpatrick
    David Fitzpatrick
    National Sales Team and Corporate Partnerships

    David has been with Economical since 1995 and has held numerous senior leadership roles in Head Office since that time. He joined the field organization in 2013 as Division VP for Economical Select, Economical's group home and auto division. In addition to this role, he has supported Petline's outside sales team and partner relationships since January 2018.

  • Alyx White
    Alyx White
    Manager, Customer Care

    Alyx has been with Petline since 2013, where she began her career as an Insurance Advisor on the service team and then moved to online services. She was promoted to team leader of the service and online services team for three years before moving to the role of Manager of Customer Care in 2018. As the Manager of Customer Care, she is accountable for attaining sales, service and retention targets while managing operations of the customer care centre, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

  • Zoe Kubinec
    Zoe Kubinec
    Manager, Petline Operations

    Zoe has been with Petline for over 10 years, where she started as a Service Insurance Advisor and has since held several leadership positions, moving into her current role in 2019.

    Zoe leads our Training Knowledge and Quality area and assists senior leadership in implanting the overall customer strategy through various projects and initiatives. This includes the development and continuous improvement of our New Hire and Ongoing Training, and Quality monitoring program. She effectively manages and provides oversite to our Workforce planning, Training, Quality and Operations Support teams.

strategic partners

Petline is proud to have partners committed to helping build awareness about pet health care and responsible pet ownership amongst Canadians.